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Actual Economy: 

Asian Discourse on 

                                       Global Challenges -

ACE.AS - 2016


  06 - 07 OCTOBER 2016 @ BANGKOK.TH


Our honored key-note speaker:



                                                            Dr. Koh Noi Keng,  

                                              National Institute of Education,





Accepted and personally presented papers were recommended for publishing (within 1 year) in

peer-reviewed high-ranked journals





Iqra University 

Karachi, Pakistan

National Academy of Management, Kyiv, Ukraine

Co-organized by

Adamas University 

Kolkata, India 

International College Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand 

hot discussions ... and hot meal
really international
Session 1.1
Lunch is not a reason to stop
We are EUrASEANs
How to make your paper the best?
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